June 30, 2014


I would like to acknowledge the excellent work by the HPD Gang unit during a recent shooting incident that took place on Calumet Avenue during a time of high traffic, and the subsequent follow up by the Detective bureau.

On 06.24.2014 members of the Gang unit were on aggressive patrol in Central Hammond.  Sgt. Onohan and Officer Hinson had an active shooter situation unfold in front of them.  A male subject was observed shooting at another subject.  Officer Hinson exited his vehicle, yelled police and began running toward the shooter.  The shooter stopped firing, turned around and momentarily pointed his gun in the direction of the officer.  The officer had the offender at gunpoint and had the advantage.  The shooter decided to flee, gun in hand.  After a foot pursuit the offender tossed the gun to jump a fence.  Officer Hinson gained on him and caught him mid jump and held him while back up arrived on the other side.  The subject was taken into custody after giving significant resistance. 

The investigation and video recovered from a business—and City of Hammond crime camera, showed the entire incident; showing a female being the initial shooter before handing the gun off.  The quick response and great personal risk taken on by the two gang officers stopped the shooter from firing down a busy sidewalk and street preventing injury to innocent bystanders.  The Detectives followed up on the video recovered and took the female shooter into custody within 24 hrs.  Felony charges have been filed on both subjects.  Their intended target was shot and is recovering.

I would like to thank all of the officers involved in this incident for performing at the highest possible standard.  Not just for taking two violent offenders into custody, but for putting themselves at great personal risk on behalf of the citizens of Hammond.

Chief John D. Doughty