The following Officers paid the ultimate price for protecting the lives of the citizens of Hammond.
Let's not forget the Officers that have died In The Line Of Duty.


Patrolman John Gerka Patrolman Gerka served from October 19, 1945 - January 11, 1947.

Patrolman Gerka was killed in a gun battle.

Patrolman Donald B. Cook Patrolman Cook served from January 7, 1947 - January 11, 1947.

Patrolman Cook was killed in a gun battle.

Captain George HanlonCaptain Hanlon served from January 1, 1901 - May 16, 1937.

Captain Hanlon was killed in an automobile accident.

Patrolman Lawrence J. PucalikPatrolman Pucalik served from

January 16, 1974 - November 14, 1980.

Patrolman Pucalik was killed in an attempt to thwart an armed robbery.


Patrolman Frank H. DunnPatrolman Dunn served from August 16, 1951 - June 1, 1961.

Patrolman Dunn was killed in an ambush.

Detective Sergeant Leo FoxSergeant Fox served from May 13, 1923 - October 9, 1929.

Sergeant Fox was killed in a gun battle.