Hammond’s Citizen Advisory Commission
Seeking Interested Applicants for Districting Commission

Deadline June 1, 2016

The Hammond Police and Citizen Advisory Commission (HPCAC) is seeking applicants interested in serving on the Districting Commission within the five Hammond police districts.

The HPCAC’s, mission is to improve the relationship between the police department and the community. The commission works to strengthen and promote policing programs, enhance communication among the community and police, educate residents about making complaints to HPCAC, make recommendations to the Chief of Police, review first formal complaints handled by the police department, and evaluate police relations with the community.

If you are interested in serving on the Districting Commission, please forward completed applications to Ronald Mullins, Chairperson, Hammond Human Relations Commission. Applications can be obtained by downloading at the City of Hammond’s website, Hammond Police Department’s website, and Hammond Human Relations Commission in person or by mail.

The Citizen Advisory Commission’s qualifying candidates will be selected in a public forum by majority vote of their peers in their respected district by paper ballots.

For more information on HPCAC, please contact Ronald Mullins, Chairperson, Hammond HRC, 5929 Calumet Ave., Room 115, Hammond, Indiana 46320 or 219-853-6502.



Commission Application



Hammond Police and Citizens Advisory Commission

I.          Mission

The Hammond Police Department herein after referred to as (“HPD”) and a diverse group of concerned residents representing neighborhoods and communities of Hammond, IN in Community Policing Districts 1-5 have created an entity known as the Hammond Police and Citizens Advisory Commission (“HPCAC”) whose mission is to improve the relationship between the police department and the community. It is also intended to develop frank and open communication with residents and police on matters concerning but not limited to public safety, procedural justice, use of force, and biased policing.

II.        HPCAC Purpose

  • The HPCAC serves to facilitate the involvement of residents representing neighborhoods and communities in HPD Community Policing Districts 1-5 in the continual improvement of policing to strengthen the connection between people and police. 
  • All further reference within this document to HPCAC will be a referral to the five (5) District Hammond Police and Citizens Advisory Commission.
    The Commission will work to:
  • Strengthen and promote community policing programs,
  • Enhance communications among the community and police,
  • Educate residents about the process of making complaints to the HPCAC,
  • Make recommendations to the Chief of HPD,
  • Review first-person formal complaints handled by the Department involving residents,
  • Evaluate, periodically, police relations with the wider community and suggest changes to police department policy, procedures or practices, aimed at improving those relations.

Through these activities, the HPCAC will seek to promote respect and justice for the people and the HPD, thus contributing to a strong, safe, and thriving community in neighborhoods within the five (5) HPD Community Policing Districts.


III.       Structure

A.        Members

HPCAC shall exist in each of the five (5) Community Policing Districts of the HPD.  Each HPCAC will have diverse community representation respecting race, color, sex, gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, abilities, civil rights and other community organizations in Hammond. At least five residents within each of the five HPD Community Police Districts be publically nominated and elected from among residents and community leaders within each of the their districts during separate district meetings.

HPCAC members can be nominated by residents living within their respective Hammond police district. They may also be nominated by any of the following community and civil rights agencies:  Hammond Branch of the NAACP, LULAC Council, Hammond Hispanic Coordinating Coalition, and Hammond Community/Social Service Organizations. Hammond LGBT Organizations, Hammond Chamber of Commerce(s), Hammond (College/University), School City of Hammond, Hammond Housing Authority Board, Hammond Ministerial Alliance, Fraternal Order of Police, City Council and Mayor of Hammond, Indiana. Nominees shall be required to submit a written application with references within 5 days following their nomination. (HPCAC Application – Attachment A)

After nominees have met all qualifications specified in Section 2 of this ordinance, they will select from amongst themselves a chairman and co-chairman at the first scheduled meeting of the district’s regular HPCAC meeting. The HPCAC district chairman will serve as a voting member and attend the HPCAC Central Advisory Committee meetings. A HPD Community Affairs Officer will work with their district’s HPCAC to convene monthly or quarterly meetings with residents and the HPD Police Chief and FOP.

The HPCAC Central Advisory Committee will be comprised of those “Founding Members” persons who were party to the mediation between the HPD, Hammond FOP, Hammond Ministerial Alliance and Hammond NAACP until at such time when they are replaced by voting as described herein and to be adhered per these guidelines. The HPCAC Central Advisory Committee shall arrange and schedule initial public forums for elections to each of the five district.  In a public forum in each district, residents and community leaders shall vote on the best slated candidates after each candidate has presented their credentials and reason they are seeking election. Candidates will be selected by majority vote in paper balloting. The HPCAC Central Advisory Committee control the balloting and voting process. The HPCAC Central Advisory Committee will screen the best qualified District candidates to become members of their district HPCAC based on the following qualification criteria:

B.   Qualifications of Members; Succession; Terms of Service; & Removal

1.   Qualifications:  Be a resident or community leader of a Hammond Community Policing Districts 1-5.

  • Members are persons who have demonstrated a commitment to the purposes for which Commission is created
  • Be able to document at least 5 years of community service and accomplishments.
  • Be able to submit 3 character references documenting 5 years
  • Has not currently filed a complaint or law suit against a local or state law enforcement agency.
  • Does not have a felony conviction
  • Must have no legal warrants
  • Every designee to HPCAC is expected to attend the Hammond Citizen’s Police Academy at the earliest opportunity
  • Succession:

In the event of a death, incapacity or resignation of any member, his or her alternate shall serve as a replacement with full voting rights.  The newly appointed member shall serve for the unexpired period of the term of the one replaced.

  • Terms:


  • The term of service to HPCAC for each organizational member shall be two years.  In the first year, half the members will have 1-year terms to ensure only 1/2 the HPCAC potentially turning over each year.
  • Terms shall begin January 1st of each year.
  • At the end of their term, members may be re-nominated by the HPCAC or may step down and be replaced in the same manner as the original appointment described in Section B, 1.
  • Removal:

After utilizing restorative justice principles, a member may be removed only for cause, including, but not limited to inefficiency, neglect of duty, absent from more than two consecutive meetings may be replaced on HPCAC by the Chief of Police in consultation with HPCAC, or misconduct in office, upon specific written charges filed against him or her. Members must sustain the qualifications specified in Section 2A throughout their tenure in office. The charges shall be filed with and heard by the appointing authority unless the appointing authority is bringing the charges.  If the appointing authority is bringing the charges, the Board of Public Works & Safety shall appoint a hearing officer.  The Commissioner against whom the charges are made shall be given a copy of the charges at least 10 days before a hearing and may require that the hearing be open to the public.  At the hearing, the member is entitled to present evidence and argument and to be represented by counsel.  After the removal of a member, a record of the proceedings, together with the charges and findings, shall be filed in the office of the City Clerk. The HPCAC may declare the seat vacant of any member who is no longer a resident of a district resident.

IV.       By-Laws and Effective Date

  •  The purpose of these by-laws is to establish procedures, rules and regulations in order to provide a framework for the operation and management of the Hammond Police Advisory Commission (“HPCAC”) within each Community Policing District.
  •  These By-laws shall become effective upon adoption by HPCAC Central Advisory Committee.
  •  Any changes to the By-laws will be reviewed and approved by the Chairperson of each district. HPCAC and then filed with the City Clerk's Office.
  • These By-laws may be amended at any meeting of the HPCAC Central Advisory   Committee by a majority vote provided that the amendment(s) has (have) been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting and provided that they are subsequently approved by the HPCAC Central Advisory Committee.
  • For procedures not covered by these rules, the Commission shall follow Robert’s Rule of Order.

V.        Officers & Voting

  • The HPCAC Central Advisory Commission Chairpersons and other Officers of Commission shall be elected from among their members. HPCAC shall operate by consensus majority vote among deciding members.


    1. Officers: Officers of the HPCAC are elected by the HPCAC and hold the office for one year with the option of re-election not to exceed three consecutive years.
    2. If a position is vacated, the HPCAC may vote immediately on a replacement, whose term will expire at the end of the original term. 
    3. Officers and responsibilities are:

a.         Ensure HPCAC business is transacted in accordance with these by-laws and in a timely manner.

  • Develop agenda for every official meeting
  • Facilitate HPCAC meetings
  • Coordinate dissemination of official HPCAC decisions/recommendations.
  • Interact regularly with Police department regarding citizen interest in and    progress of the HPCAC.
  • Coordinate dissemination of official HPCAC decisions, recommendations and reports.


        • The Co-Chair shall perform the Chair’s duties in the Chair’s absence.

a.         Record and maintain minutes of regular and special HPCAC meetings.
b.         Disseminate information, including meeting agendas, documents, etc.
c.         Maintain HPCAC records to be housed in the Hammond HRC office
d.         Ensure effective management of HPCAC records.
e.         Assist in coordination of the HPCAC Annual Report
f.          Sends out all meeting notices and maintains electronic communication and information

VI.       The Hammond Police Department Community Affairs Division/Officer (HPDCAD/O)

  • The Hammond Police Department Community Affairs Division/Officer (HPDCAD/O) is assigned the duty of being the primary liaisons between the police department and the various aspects of the community we serve by engaging the community through meetings, public appearances, attending community events and programs and through social media.
  • In accordance with this assignment the HPDCAD, will assign a Community Affairs Officer from each of the five community policing districts as the HPD’s representative to each of the District HPCAC groups. These officers will participate in their assigned District HPCAC group as detailed by the HPCAC Agreement.


  • The HPDCAO is the district/ community liaison to the HPDCAC


VII.     Communication with the Public

  1. In communicating with the public, the goal of HPCAC is to convey credible information by establishing relationships built on honesty and integrity.  Committee members are expected to provide public/police interaction and information to address crime, public safety, and security when attending community meetings and other programs. 


  1. HPCAC shall strive to be a voice of reason, especially during times of strife or unrest.

Members must be willing to act as a conduit to promote communications and enhance understanding.  Working with HPD and HPCAC following critical or emerging incidents, HPD and HPCAC will develop a protocol to respond to such incidents to reduce tension, disorder and violence that is not subject to majority voting.

  1. HPCAC will study, examine and recommend methods, approaches, and techniques to encourage and develop an active citizen police partnership in the prevention of crime.  Promote cooperative public-police programs and approaches to the solutions of community crime problems, emphasizing the principle that the administration of justice is a responsibility, which requires total community involvement.


D. No individual member is authorized to speak to the media or publically on behalf of HPCAC without the specific authorization of HPCAC.


  1. Confidentiality Clause

All HPCAC members are required to hold confidential any and all information discussed in HPCAC meetings concerning the identity of employees, persons or places involved in business, incidents or investigations with the City of Hammond or the Hammond Police Department or within their respective community policing districts.

IX.       Internal Rules and Policies

  1. HPD and HPCAC may recommend changes to HPD rules and policies as necessary.  Committees or sub-committees may be formed as deemed necessary by HPD and HPCAC.    


  1. All communication and interaction between members of HPCAC shall be conducted in a professional and businesslike manner.  HPCAC will be asked to replace any individual who does not adhere to these standards.    
    X.        Meetings, Emergency Meetings and District Chairman
  1. The HPCAC Central Advisory Committee will hold Quarterly meetings at mutually agreed sites to discuss complaints, concerns, and neighborhood public safety issues brought before them. The meetings will be held with decorum using Roberts Rules of Order. Discussions will be frank, open and honest allowing for agreement and disagreement. Voting by majority will decide and preserve the actions of the HPCAC among odd numbered membership. HPCAC will prepare a quarterly report to deliver to the Hammond Mayor and City Council on the public safety climate in the City of Hammond. HPCAC will be encouraged to attend Board of Public Safety meetings involving police disciplinary hearings.


  1. The HPCAC District Chairman will serve as a voting member and attend the HPCAC Central Advisory Committee meetings. The District Chairman must attend all HPCAC Central Advisory Committee quarterly and emergency meetings. A District report must be read and submitted in writing by the District Chairman at each quarterly meeting. A designee from the respective district might be nominated by HPCAC district members should the District Chairman not be able (family or medical reasons) to attend.
  1. Emergency meetings shall be called at the request of HPCAC Central Advisory Committee following critical incidents that have the potential to generate community tension, violence or disorder.  The HPCAC shall discuss in confidence and decide on a coordinated community policing response to restore harmony and peace in the Hammond police district or the City of Hammond at large. At those times the HPCAC shall dispel any rumors and clarify any misinformation for the residents of Hammond. All HCPAC members shall be required to attend such meetings. A current and active call tree shall be distributed and updated by the HPCAC Secretary.


  1. Recommendations might be made to the HPD Chief of Police on community policing and complaints involving a use of force, customer service, profiling, stereotyping, cultural awareness, and procedural justice concerns, etc. during quarterly meetings. The HPD Chief of Police shall provide a response to a reasonable recommendation by the next Quarterly meeting.
  1. The public may be allowed to attend and bring issues in their districts to the HPCAC after regular HPCAC business is conducted as times designated by the HPCAC. HPCAC Central Advisory Committee meetings shall not be open to the public unless agreed to by majority vote of the HPCAC Central Advisory Committee

XI.       Actions and Tasks of the HPCAC

  1. In order to promote positive relations and dialogue between HPD and HPCAC, it is essential to address a wide variety of issues and concerns that may significantly affect public perception of HPD, including critical incidents and Department policies and procedures that generate the greatest amount of controversy and/or citizen complaints.  The following is an initial list of issues for review by HPCAC. 


1.         Police Policies, Procedures and Recommendations

HPCAC shall review and make recommendations to the current and future HPD Police Chief on policies, practices and procedures that significantly affect public perception of HPD. These recommendations on officer complaints, policies and procedures may include use of force, customer service, profiling, stereotyping, cultural awareness, and procedural justice, etc. 

  •  Outreach & Community Resident Complaints

Each member of the HPCAC will conduct public outreach in their respective HPD Community Policing Districts to educate residents of the role of the HPCAC and improvements in HPD to improve police community relations. This might include the dissemination of informational materials prepared by HPCAC. They will hear residents’ concerns and report criminal activity with confidence preserving efficiency of time.

The HPD shall permit citizen’s complaints of HPD officers or service deliverables to be received by HPCAC members on behalf of community resident complainants. The HPCAC member can assist community residents in their respective districts with completing and filing a police complaint as needed. HPCAC members shall be required to submit the completed citizen’s complaint to the HPD within 24 hours after received. HPCAC members can also receive and file commendations for HPD officers on behalf of Hammond residents. 

  • Police Citizens Academy and Training

HPCAC members are required and shall take a HPD Citizens Police Academy course within six months of their appointment and are encouraged to participate in all HPD trainings that will benefit the residents of their Community Policing Districts. HPCAC members may be requested to observe, participate in and evaluate proposed training sessions and curriculum.

  • Police Recruitment

HPCAC will assist the HPD in recruiting diverse officers from the 5 HPD Community Policing Districts neighborhoods to promote diversity.  HPCAC will assist in the recruiting process with applications, meetings or pre-examination testing trainings and encourage qualified individuals to seek employment with HPD when opportunities occur

  • Youth Relations

HPCAC members shall promote stronger alliances between HPD and the youth population in the 5 HPD Community Policing Districts including students at all Hammond School (s) with an emphasis on crime prevention, fostering understanding adolescent youth issues and concerns, public safety and improving relations between youth and HPD. 

  • Traffic Stops

With the advent and collection of traffic stop data and a public concern of racial or biased policing, HPCAC shall review HPD policies and procedures on traffic stops and quarterly/annual data. HPCAC shall recommend ways to improve engagement and disengagement outcomes to the HPD Police Chief at their regularly scheduled quarterly meetings.


  • Annual Public Safety Customer Service Survey

The HPCAC will conduct an annual community policing customer service survey. The purpose of the survey is to provide HPD with reliable feedback from Hammond residents about perceptions of police performance. In addition, these surveys collect information about interactions with HPD officers, criminal victimization, residents’ views about crime, and their willingness to report crime to the police. The surveys will collect information about the most effective approaches to dealing with crime. Since these surveys provide a measure of police performance, they can be used to analyze the way HPD police deliver services and possibly change the allocation of resources as needed. The survey instrument and questions will be developed by the HPCAC. Public solicitation of the survey will be communicated on-line via websites of parties and officials signatory to this agreement, HPD. The survey instrument will be accessed on the HPD website. HPD will provide a summary of complaints with their dispositions that they have received preserving confidentiality on an annual basis to the HPCAC for its annual customer service survey. The HPCAC will compile all submitted surveys and synthesize their responses providing any statistical weightings or percentage comparisons for an accurate final summary report. The final summary report shall be made available on the HPD website. The first survey will be conducted one year after consummation of the HPCAC Executive Order.


Commission Application

Complete and email to police@hammondpolice.com

Drop off or mail to:

Hammond Police Department

509 Douglas St

Hammond, Indiana 46320