The beginning:
In the fall of 1980, 10 Officers of the Hammond Indiana Police Department 
came together and formed the Tactical Unit. The only equipment that was 
supplied was a few older weapons, and outdated tear gas. Most of the 
weapons were in need of repairs. The Chief of Police then advised that 
the unit was strictly a volunteer unit. No monies were available for additional
 equipment, for overtime, or training. Each member paid for their own 
equipment,  which not only included their uniforms, and 
necessary gear, but also weapons and repairs of weapons. 
The Team members then went out into the community seeking 
assistance, and because of the generosity of the people and business’s
 of Hammond, the Team members were able to collect enough 
donations, not only to purchase the first Tactical Unit Vehicle 
(which was a used 1955 GMC bread delivery truck) the team was also able 
to purchase most of the equipment that was needed, and repairs to weapons. 
Because of the dedication and the perseverance of these 10 Officers 
the Hammond Police Department Tactical Unit developed into, 
and still is one of Best Tactical Teams in the Midwest.

Sgt Dennis A Johnson
(One of the founders of the Unit) 
(1980 through 2004) 

The Hammond Police Tactical Unit has now evolved into a 25 officer team. The team trains once a month and equipment is funded through the City as well as through Federal Grants. In 2002 the Tactical Unit aquired a retired Haz-mat truck from the Hammond Fire Department and converted it into their transport vehicle used today. The Tactical Team is utilized during high profile search warrants and arrest warrants, barricaded subjects, and dignitary escorts. The Tactical Team can be seen at several community activities throughout the year.

Hammond Tactical Unit Competition Team