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A specialized group of problem solving officers each of whom 
serves a designated area in the City of Hammond. Serving as liaisons 
between the citizens of Hammond and the various City Departments. Each officer 
helps maintain neighborhood groups while working with schools, churches, and 
businesses. In addition to performing patrol duties, these officers are in charge of tagging 
junk vehicles and citing derelict properties, and enforce city ordinances that effect the 
quality of life of our residents. These officers also administer the home security program. 
For more information or to talk to your Community Police Officer 
call (219) 852-2909. 

Captain Kelvin Alcox 
Office: (219) 852-6372 
(Community Policing/Community Affairs Supervisor) 



Home Security Program 
Co-sponsored by Mayor Tomas McDermott Jr. and 
the Hammond Police Department. This program encourages 
Hammond citizens to upgrade their home security by 
offering a rebate on necessary renovations and improvements    
contact Community Affairs at (219) 852-2909.
Trigger Lock Giveaway:
Free gun trigger-locks are periodically given away to the public
at no charge to ensure the safety of their weapons. 
For more information about the Trigger Lock Giveaway program,
contact Community Affairs at (219) 852-2909.