There is not a community in America that is free from the influence of gangs.  Using the demand for illegal drugs, gangs have expanded across the country seeking to fulfill their "need for greed".

The increase of gang violence by individuals of all sexes, races, and ages have caused gangs to become a primary concern for law enforcement agencies everywhere.  More extensive training and increased police manpower are just two of the steps law enforcement officials are already using to combat the problem, but gangs will never go away without the involvement and commitment of parents, school officials, and all members of the community.  This presentation is designed to provide parents and the community with some basic information about gangs.  It can be used as a guide in recognizing street gangs and street gang activity that may exist in your neighborhood.  Also included are some small steps that the community, especially parents, can take to help in the fight against gangs.

Law enforcement personnel have always taken a "ZERO TOLERANCE" stand against gangs.  With your help, we can continue to do so until we convince all gang members that their influence and criminal activity will not be tolerated.


What Is A Gang

What Makes One Join A Gang

Common Myths About Gangs

Why Gangs Relocate

The Left and Right Rule

"Clues" To Be Aware Of

The Fashion Game

"FOLKS" Gangs

"PEOPLE" Gangs

Organizational Chart

Combating Gang Influence

Hammond Police Gang / Narcotics Hotline



This Presentation was Created By Capt. Rudy Grasha

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