Organizational Chart


Comprise approximately 5 to 10% of the gang

They have been in the gang the longest

They are frequently in and out of jail

They are frequently unemployed and involved with drugs

They are very influential in the gang

Average age: Low to mid twenties (age may vary)

Regular Members:

They have been initiated into the gang

They tend to back up the hardcore gang members

If they stay in the gang long enough, they could become hardcore members

Average Age: 14 to 17 (age may vary)

Futures, Associates, "Wanna-Be's":

They are the youngest members who are not official members of the gang

They may act like or claim to be from the gang

They may begin to dress in gang attire and hang around the gang

They may write the graffiti of the gang

Average Age: 11 to 13 (age may vary)

Potentials "Could Be's":

They are the youth who are getting close to the age where they might decide to join a gang

They live in or near an area where gangs are prominent

They may have a family member currently involved in a gang

The Potentials do not have to join the gangs.  They can choose alternatives and avoid gang affiliation completely.


Generally, the more involved in a gang one is, the harder it is to get out.


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