Combating Gang Influence

1. Develop good communication with your child.

Good communication is open, frequent and takes on a positive tone.  It allows your child to come to you to discuss any topic or problem.  It does not condemn or put down.  good communication allows you to tell your child that you love them.

2. Spend time with your child.

Plan activities that the whole family can enjoy.  Spend time alone with your child.  Expose them to different places outside of the normal (i.e. museum, beach, parks, etc...).  Give them attention.

3. Occupy your child's free time.

Give them responsibilities at home.  Get them involved in after school sports, recreation, clubs or church activities.

4. Set limits for your child.

Children need to know whit is acceptable and unacceptable behavior.  Be consistent.

5. Have a curfew for your child.

Avoid a lot of unsupervised time out on the streets.

6. Discourage your child from hanging around with gang members.

Meet and know your child's friends.  Look for what type of influence they have on your child and how and where they spend their free time.

7. Avoid buying and discourage the wearing of gang style clothing.

Wearing gang style clothes may express an interest in the gangs and will attract the attention of the gangs.

8. Do not allow the practice or writing of gang symbols.

Teach respect for other's property.  Examine their books, papers, clothes, bodies, and walls in their rooms.

9. Learn about gang and drug activity in your community.

Observe how gang members dress, speak, their behavior and their activities.

10. Participate in the community.

Know your neighbors.  Organize or join the neighborhood watch groups.  Notify the police of graffiti around your house.  Attend community functions.


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