"Clues" To Be Aware Of

Youths will often give various "CLUES" that they are in or are considering joining a gang.  As parents and family members, you should become familiar with these clues and always take an active role in your child's life to discourage gang influence.  Ask questions and listen to what they say.  Never accuse!  This may push the child closer to the gang.  If you do see evidence that your child may be an active member or a "Future" or "Wanna-be", ACT NOW!  It is often difficult to drop out of a gang once becoming a full-fledged member.

Potential Clues

1. Changes in behavior

2. Poor academic progress

3. Lack of interest in extracurricular activities

4. Lack of interest in recreational activities

5. Unexplained truancies

6. Low self esteem

7. Resentful of authority

8. Signs of alcohol / drug abuse

9. Radical change in friends

10. Radical change in clothing

11. Gang - oriented drawings on books, clothing etc.


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