The Fashion Game

Sportswear and designer labels are commonly used by gang members as "signature" clothing.  In some cases, fashion has caused an individual to be misidentified as a rival.  Below are a few examples of how gangs associate themselves with sportswear and designer wear.  Again, remember that a person wearing a piece of this clothing does not mean that he or she is a gang member.  Always look for further identifiers or "clues".

Sports Teams And Designer Wear

Dallas Cowboys 5 - Pointed Star People
Pittsburgh Pirates Prominent "P"

Black and Gold

Latin Kings
Philadelphia Phillies Prominent "P"

Red and White

Vice Lords
Chicago Bulls "Boy You Look Like Stone" Black P Stone
Los Angeles Kings the word Kings Latin Kings
Raiders letters "A", "D", "R"

"Amor Del Rey" = Love of the King

Latin Kings
Raiders Black and Silver

Maniac Latin Disciples

Gangster Disciples
Charlotte Hornets letters "C" and "H" Four Corner Hustlers
Chicago Blackhawks Red and Black

inverted pitchfork on forehead

Vice Lords


Detroit Tigers Black and Blue

Prominent "D"

Georgetown University Prominent "G" Gangster Disciples


Indiana University Overlapped "I" and "U" Folks
Duke University Black and Blue

"Disciples Utilizing Knowledge Everyday"

UNLV Red and Black

"Vice Lords Nation United"

Vice Lords
B.O.S.S. "Brothers Of the Struggle" Gangster Disciples
Pimp Gear Yellow and Black

5 - Pointed Crown

Latin Kings
Brown Pride Light Brown Tan Brown Pride Locos
Louis Vitton letters "L" and "V" Vice Lords
FUBU Prominent 5 - Pointed Stars

The number "05"


Examples of "Folks" attire.

Examples of "People" attire.


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