The Hammond Police Department is committed to being the exemplary 
 Law Enforcement Agency in Indiana by providing expert Co-Active 
Services in Partnership with our Community to improve the 
quality of life for all through personal attention and 
a pledge to excellence.
Adopted by the Hammond Police Department and approved by the 
Hammond Board of Public Works and Safety May 18,1996

Glossary of Terms The Hammond Police Department

Each and every one of us working together without regard to boundaries.
We are united in our mission.
We all influence the result.
We believe in teamwork, self-initiative and participation by all.


Committed To Being the Exemplary Law Enforcement Agency in Indiana:

We pledge to provide professional Law Enforcement services of the highest 
quality in Indiana.
We are entrusted to serve and protect all within the framework of the Constitution 
of the United States and the State of Indiana.
We promise to respect the rights of the victim, family, community and alleged perpetrator.
We assist in the education and training of others.
We freely share information within our agency and with other agencies.
We maintain high ethical and personal standards. 


Providing Expert Co-Active Services:

We Are Professionals.
We enforce the laws of the United States, the State of Indiana, and local ordinances.
We perform our duties in the most proficient, competent and ethical manner possible.
We are especially skilled and knowledgeable in the field of Law Enforcement.
We take both a reactive and pro-active approach to crime.
We gather facts, information and intelligence in an effort to prevent crimes, solve crimes, 
file cases and make arrests.
We write and execute search warrants.
We gather information utilizing all legitimate means possible.
We incorporate new ideas and adopt new technologies whenever they improve the quality 
of what we do and expand our information reach.
We work with other public and private agencies that can assist us with problems either 
directly or not directly related to law enforcement.
We provide the means for good citizenship and informed decision making.


In Partnership With Our Community:

A co-active approach to crime by which the Hammond Police Department in partnership
with community leaders, neighborhood associations, religious groups, business and industries, 
health organizations, social service agencies, government, judicial systems and the citizens, 
 work together to develop solutions to crime problems.
Our partnership is fostered by personalized service and commitment by ALL to get involved in 
the development of solutions to problems that contribute to the onslaught of crime.
We make ourselves essential to our community by keeping pace with change and helping people 
understand and cope with it.
We need the community's support to perform our job to the fullest extent. 
We are recognized for our outstanding community service.
We take a leadership role in forming partnerships with the community.


Improve the Quality of Life for All:

We believe in freedom.  People should be able to enjoy a good life without fear of crime.
We respect all people regardless of race, religion or creed.
We treat the members of our community and each other with dignity and respect.
We make every effort to make our community and society in general a safer and better
place to live and work.
We enjoy removing those from our community who choose to commit crime, 
cause mayhem and violence.
We feel that we can improve the quality of life for all by presenting ourselves as role      
models to those we serve.


Through Personal Attention:

We believe in the"Personal Touch."
Our focus is the people of our community as individuals and in a multitude of roles:
* As those we serve
* As voters, citizens and elected officials.
* As members of occupational, social and religious groups.
* As members of our "forgotten classes," including the victims of crime, the children, 
   the elderly, the poor, the handicapped and the homeless.                  


Pledge To Excellence

We always do it better with great merit and efficiency:

The facts,  information and intelligence we provide meet the highest standards of quality, 
honesty, integrity, accuracy and reliability.


We always demonstrate our commitment to quality:

In the facts, information and intelligence we present.
In the way we treat the members of our community
In the appearance and presentation of our work products.
In our professional and personal conduct.


Principals That Guide Our Work:

* We are visionary.
* We take pride in our work.
* We are the victim's advocate.
* We practice crime prevention.
* We respect life and the rights of others.
* We meet our deadlines and keep our commitments.
* We are relevant to people's lives and our community.
* We believe in the philosophy of community oriented policing.
* We are community driven. Everything we do provides a service.
* We are continually striving to improve the quality of our work.


Principals That Guide Our Culture:

* We focus on teamwork.
* We make decisions from the heart.
* We recognize each other's successes.
* We are problem solvers and decision makers.
* We listen. We communicate openly and honestly.
* We treat people the way we would like to be treated.
* We exemplify a good work ethic, an honest day of work.
* We act with integrity, honesty, and a sense of ethics.
* We work in partnership with each other and the community.
* We support the growth of people personally and professionally.
* We respect the value and contribution of each individual.
*  Every job is essential to our success.